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TRES Sandwich Top5!

Hello Sandwich lovers! We're excited to introduce the top 5 most popular sandwiches at TRES!

Strawberries in front, from left to right behind TRES Special, Corn soup, Egg, Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet), Miso Katsu

In the first place, we had the strawberry dessert sandwich! The perfect combination of strawberry tanginess and just the right sweetness of whipped cream made it an undeniable hit.

Tonkatsu takes second place, followed by Miso Katsu in third place. Our specially crafted bread and pork create the perfect harmony. The Tonkatsu is accompanied by cabbage, while the Miso Katsu is generously coated with our special miso sauce, offering a flavor you'll crave.

In fourth place, we have the Egg Sandwich! Recently, among foreign tourists visiting Japan, it has become a trend to indulge in egg sandwiches during travels, and you can also enjoy a fluffy egg sandwich right here in Bellevue!

Lastly, ranking fifth in the TRES Special. This sandwich combines potato salad, ham and cucumber, and egg sandwich, offering a delightful and satisfying combination.

The cup in the photo contains our corn soup, which will be available until the end of this month. We invite you to enjoy it with our sandwiches, just like a warm drink! Please give it a try.

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