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Chestnut & Cream Sandwich (Finished)

Updated: Feb 29

This time we are introducing our Chestnut & Cream sandwich!

Chestnut & Cream is a dessert normally called Mont Blanc cake or “Mont-Blanc aux marrons” in French and is made by building up a mound of thin strands of chestnut paste around sponge cake and topping it off with cream.

There are places in both France and Italy that are said to be the birthplace of the Mont Blanc dessert, and at first Mont Blanc cake was a home-made confectionery consisting of chestnut paste and whipped cream. After that, the current Mont Blanc cake was created with the image of "Mont Blanc" in the Alps from which the name was derived.

Now, TRES has recreated this Mont Blanc cake as a sandwich! You won’t want to miss out on trying this winter-only limited-edition dessert sandwich!

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