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Cherry Blossom Season is Almost Here!

Quoting an article from The Seattle Times, "The unofficial opening day for cherry blossom walk season arrives when the blossoms on the 29 cherry trees in the Quad on the University of Washington campus reach peak bloom—that is, when at least 70% of the blossoms have emerged, according to the school. When is that? UW arborist Sara Shores offers this 2024 forecast: “We are considering the weekend of March 23-24 to be the full bloom weekend, with plenty of flowers in the week prior and after,” she said. Conveniently, the third annual U District Cherry Blossom Festival runs from March 16 through April 1."

This means that the cherry blossom viewing season in Seattle is just around the corner! If you're planning a cherry blossom viewing picnic, take a sandwich from TRES to enjoy under the beautiful blossoms! Reservations can be made online. Source:,campus%2C%20transit%20info%20and%20more.

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