Sandwich House TRES is the first Japanese style sandwich shop in the United States and opened on November 1st 2014. The sandwich shop is owned and managed by two Japanese partners, working under the M.A.M. Kitchen LLC.


Our mission is “We opened this sandwich shop to not only have Japanese people living in America enjoy our sandwiches, but also to have all types of ethnicities and backgrounds enjoy the taste of Japanese Sandwiches.”


The most important thing for the Japanese style sandwiches is the freshness of the bread and its ingredients. To provide the real Japanese style sandwiches, TRES has developed its own way to make breads after trying many times. The water TRES uses for breads is a special kind of water that is put through a machine to make it filled with calcium and minerals. In addition, its ingredients have no preservatives added to them.

TRES only sell sandwiches made on that day!